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Dolphins in Corner Inlet
Dolphins coming to play with the Kraken
   Whether you are after a high speed blast, an exhilarating trip down Wilson's Promontory's amazing coast or a private charter trip of your making KRAKEN TOURS is ready to give you some fun on the water.  So if you are looking for things to do at Wilson's Promontory make sure you give us a call.                        


 Join us for a fabulous trip down along the eastern coast of Wilson's Promontory to beautiful Refuge Cove - a hidden gem of South Gippsland.  We don't have set bookings or tours - our trips are very personal and we only cater for small groups with a maximum of 6.  Our minimum booking is 4 but we do run a special private tour for 2 people.  See details of this on our "Book your seat" page.  We arrange our bookings around your schedule not ours.  We work with the tides and the winds, but apart from that, you tell us what you would like to see and when you would like to see it and we will do our best to work it in to your trip to this beautiful part of the country.

The Kraken is a 7.8 metre RIB with saddle seats for your comfort.  The boat is open which gives uninhibited views of the magnificent coastline.  There are times when the dolphins like to get up close and personal and check us out - others when the cheeky seals come up for a play and a wave.  The sea eagles soar overhead and the occasional little penguin drifts by on the crest of a wave on his way home.

The trip to Refuge Cove takes an hour and a half from either Port Franklin or Port Welshpool.  At the Cove it's over the side of the boat to have a wander, a swim, or bring a picnic to enjoy on this gorgeous beach. We allow you an hour of private time at Refuge.   If you would like to do the walk from one side of the cove to the other (about a 20 minute walk), we are happy to drop you off at the southern bay and pick you up on the north side at the end of your hour.  On the trip back we circle Rabbit Island, the home of the sea eagles and also a breeding ground for Cape Barren Geese in season.  Rabbit Island has some fascinating coastal caves and we cruise in for a close look at these.  Rabbit Island is also home to a penguin colony.

Our trips are personal and intimate - our skipper interacts with each passenger and is open to any suggestions along the trip to make it as enjoyable as possible.  He is happy to stop along the way for photo opportunities, and always make sure you are on the lookout for wildlife and  point them out to your skipper so he can see that you enjoy a good, safe, close look at the wonderful variety of birdlife and other wildlife along the trip.  If you see something of particular interest to you, don't hesitate to ask him for a closer look.  We want you to get the absolute most out of your experience and come home satisfied that you have seen the best of Wilson's Promontory.

0401 376 775

MOB:    0401 376 775


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